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Three Tricks to Turning “It” On, So You Can Turn Them On!

I'm Your Secret Weapon:
The Professional

A challenger, cheerleader, confidant & consultant for audiences of 5 to 5000. I don’t believe in limitations & neither should you.

Ciao! I'm Christina, but call me Teucci.

I’m building a coterie of fierce, unapologetic professionals united under a shared commitment to originality.  Why?  Because our inner freak is entitled to a champion!

For over two decades, I’ve been the right hand to famed, international event designer David Beahm. I collaborate with hundreds of companies in the hospitality industry, working with thousands of CEOs, owners, and their teams. I’ve shared in the victories; I’ve felt the pain points; and I’ve become the unicorn of the business world: a thriving, flourishing, and happy Number Two.

These experiences embolden me with a singular point of view on the business world. They also ignite my passion to help others discover their true professional potential. After lecturing and consulting around the globe—inciting change in audiences and inspiring positive shifts time after time—I now boast the fitting title: Professional Provocatrice!



Impactful Services & Expertise

  • Speaking

    The first half of my life was consumed by the study of theater, culminating in a B.F.A. from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. From intimate breakout sessions to keynotes for thousands, I'm never more scintillating than when taking the stage, stirring audiences, and provoking change.

  • Hosting & Moderating

    In-depth audience research; thoughtful questions; personality and panel management; and a no-nonsense, comedic, self-effacing style are the hallmarks of my hosting and moderating appearances. I guarantee a shift in an audience’s perspective and loads of laughter along the way.

  • Coaching

    As a coach, my goal is to stimulate, support, and champion exceptional leaders who are building businesses that will endure. From practical exercises to intensive collaboration to motivational gut checks—you've found your secret weapon!

    A limited number of coaching spaces are available yearly.

  • Team Building

    Now, more than ever, entrepreneurs, CEOs & founders feel alone, adrift on a sea of uncertainty, paralyzed by doubt on how to motivate, align & retain their teams. Be it for a couple of hours or a whole day, my workshops promise to forge partnerships and collaboration within your corporate culture.

Content is king . . . delivery is queen, and you DELIVERED!
Lauren Longest, Alexis Fritchy, Kim Romano Co-Founders, NECTR New York, USA
Her energy and tenacity are magnetic; I can't wait to have her back.
Denise Vu Senior Director of Marketing + Innovation, Occasions Caterers Washington D.C., USA
We're so happy and so inspired.
Mark & Caroline Minshall Founders, Pink Lime Studios Sligo, Ireland